Our Festivals

Highnote Festivals is proud to offer our one-day motivational festivals in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

At High Note Festivals, we are educators who understand students learn when they are challenged in a positive and motivational environment.

By presenting a well-rehearsed concise program, your group will have the opportunity to receive our highest rating – Superior. Not every ensemble will earn this honor; however, no one will go home in second, third, or last place. What our adjudicators listen for is the execution of the very skills and techniques you teach every day: breath control, intonation, phrasing, dynamics, attacks, releases, diction, balance, tone, posture, attentiveness to the director, concert etiquette, etc. We want to hear you at your very best. Our adjudicators will reinforce your excellent teaching skills. Furthermore, adjudicator’s recorded comments are designed to be heard by your students. We will compliment your students on what they have accomplished, and give them reasonable suggestions for improvement.

Our Team

First and foremost, we are educators! The team at High Note Festivals are current, past, and retired music educators. We understand how music plays an important role in education.

Dr. Heim

Dr. Alyn J. Heim, Founder

Since 1980 Dr. Heim has been managing and running one-day motivational festivals. Dr. Heim is a Past-President of MENC All-Eastern Division, and a Past President of New Jersey Music Educators Association. He has over 50 years of experience as a Music Educator, administrator, and performer. Dr. Heim is a published author and composer with credits running from school ensembles to Off-Broadway. He holds a B.S. from The Julliard School of Music, an M.A. from Teachers’ College, Columbia University, and an Ed. D. from New York University. With High Note Festivals, Dr. Heim and his outstanding team of Site Directors throughout the country present One-Day Motivational Festivals.

Brian Heim

Brian Heim, President

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High Note Festival’s Approach

At High Note Festivals we believe in self-competition. You choose the music that best showcases your ensemble. Middle Schools do not compete against High Schools, and a Concert Choir of 40 that practices 20 hours a week will not be judged against a Mixed Chorus of 150 that practices two hours per week. In fact, by not having groups compete against each other, students strive instead to improve their own personal best score each year. Students learn best when they are challenged to be their best.

A High Class Performance in the Morning

  • Motivate your students to reach for their “High Note” and recieve the best rating possible
  • Instill in your students the Highest Level of expectations for their adjudicated performance
  • Maintain and improve upon your “High” musical standards Receive a Trophy with a rating of Good, Excellent, or Superior
  • All Awards are presented at the conclusion of your performance to maximize you “High” time at the Park

The highest action fun in the afternoon

  • Excitement at one of America’s great amusement parks
  • An immediate reward for your students
  • Build group spirit and “esprit-de-corps”

The highest quality of adjudication

  • Our adjudicators are all current or retired Music Educators with years of experience
  • Our adjudicators will provide commentary on performances.
  • Our adjudicators will compliment your students on what they have accomplished, and give reasonable suggestions for improvement
  • Commentary is designed to be played for your students
  • A Score Sheet is used to determine your rating of Good, Excellent, or Superior

The highest standards of service

  • Personalized service for each ensemble director
  • Complete detailed instructions, directions, and procedures
  • Highly experienced Music Educators to answer any questions
  • Travel Consultants to assist with Bus Transportation, Hotel Rooms, and Meals
  • Family owned and operated business for 28 years
  • We understand your needs and goals!